The project, halving 8 times faster, will start

Total supply

HSBT, halving 8 times faster, will start

Who is the seller in BTC market?

BTC halving refers to the number of coins that miners receive being cut in half.
Until the November of 2012, 50 BTC were rewarded to miners per block produced. After the same yearʼs November, the reward was cut down to 25 BTC, then 12.5 BTC in the 2016 second halving.
Thus, the block reward decreased to 6.25 coins per block in May, 2020.

An enormous amount of capital investment and electricity costs are required to start BTC mining business, but these costs are same things as spending money to buy BTC.
Price changes, so it depends on the situation, but about 900 BTC is mined everyday. What this means is that mining companies are the one whose controlling the BTC market and the cost of mining is supplied into the market everyday.

Mining Companies are the Protagonist

Mining companies are basically making capital investment based on the assumption that BTC price will rise in long term.
For example, if the amount of cost is USD 1M, need to sell BTC with a higher price than the cost or else, run a budget deficit.
Every year, the number of BTC is reduced after the halving and on the other hand, the total cost of capital investment is increasing.
Therefore, convert minimum amount of BTC to cash and keep the rest.
The reason why BTC uptrend and downtrend is very clear is because of this. If the selling accelerates like in the 2018, downtrend will occur and if the selling stops, the price will rise.


Do you have any idea what these numbers are and how it affects?

BTC halving occurs once every 4 years and next halving is scheduled on 2024 .
HSBT halving occurs once in half a year and next halving is scheduled on July, 2021.

HBST, halving
8 times faster,
will start

Total supply21,000,000
Initial listing price300 USD
Listed byDecember, 2020

Participate in HSBT Miningand be the Protagonist of the “Selling”

Once purchased the HSBT Mining, can participate in this mining program for 5 years.
Earn mining rewards everyday.
Every time halving comes, the amount of HSBT that are mined will be reduced.

Content for reducing selling by the users

  • Contents for reducing selling by the sellers

    HSBT Staking

    For those who participate in mining, other than receiving the actual HSBT, there are chances to receive BTC. In order to receive BTC, HSBT staking is required for certain amount of time.
    For example, for those who are investing 100,000USD and earning 2.7 HSBT everyday, by staking all the HSBT, there are chances to receive BTC.
    Staking period is until the next halving.
    After halving, everything will be reset once and able to choose to start staking or not.
    HSBT project is run by the members who participated from the dawn of crypto currency market and also delivered a tremendous results from trading stock and exchange.
    Using part of HSBT from staking, will trade stocks, exchange, and crypto currency.
    Staking HSBT is a same thing with asking to our traders to operate asset management for free.
    We never know what is going to happen, but we expect about 10 to 20% of annual interest.
    In 5 years, we expect to earn the same purchase price of mining, but please remember that since this is only a special offer, please think it as an extra bonus reward.
    By staking HSBT, numbers of HSBT will not reduce and can expect a staking reward up to 10 to 20%.

    We will make an announcement about the procedures to start staking. Uniswap and other DeFi are not included.

  • Content to gain more buyers.

    HSBT Agent

    Sign up as an Agent for FREE.
    Anyone can sign up as an Agent from the website.
    Agent reward is 20% and also reward yourself by referring your friends.
    Users can start staking their agent reward, so if you refer your friends, you can earn HSBT without any risk.